Fundraising is Optional!


Please consider fundraising to help stop T1 Diabetes and help children become great people through our designated non-profits!

  • If you do not plan to fundraise you have the option of purchasing a jersey and/or bibs at  the time of registration.
  • Jersey and bibs are priced for fundraising purposes, we appreciate your support and know you will love your kit.
  • Please specify race or club cut on Jersey this year in order to better suit you. 

Supporting Western Colorado University

Western Colorado University has taken many a young mind and helped it go on to many great outcomes. We hope by coming to Gunnison you will see that it is a great community, high-achieving school and amazing place to recreate in the great outdoors!

Finding a Cure for Type 1 diabetes

We will be donating fundraising for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. T1 diabetes was once called juvenile diabetes, but effects people of all ages. A persons’ pancreas can stop producing insulin at any age. Without insulin, sugar that we all use for energy can’t get into the cells. If left untreated a person will slowly starve to death. It is treatable but there is no cure. Treating it means constant insulin injections and checking of blood sugars. If the levels fall too low you can go into a coma and die. If it is too high blindness, nerve damage and many other maladies result. Once you have it will never go away. That is what we hope to change.

For the Children

We have supported Sharon’s Kids in the past and will again this year. Sharon is a wonderful woman takes underprivileged kids on trips, camps and other great activities in the Paonia area. Our past donations helped Sharon arrange for them to attend computer camp at Western amongst other opportunities.

In our technological world where the jobs of tomorrow do not exist today, it is increasingly important to provide our youth with design thinking opportunities while integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This year we will be supporting the 501c(3) Berthoud Robotics


Help the Children!
"Bikes and Books for Kids" Bike build for Title I school students.
Help with Treatment and Research into a Cure!